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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Manometer & our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

M.S. Sheet metal Manometer are mounted on the strong M.S. stand (without mercury)
Differential Manometer double column type
0.3m height
0.5 height
1.0m height

Inclined Manometer
0.5 height
1.0m height




Pizometers for measurement of static pressure in pipe lines. Scale fitting, with G.M. cock
30 cm length
45 cm length
60 cm length


Cavitation Test Rig
(Closed Circuit System)
Cavitation Test Rig

Cavitation test rig consists of two cylindrical vessels of size 0.5 m & 0.6 m dia. 1.5 heights, made of M.S. sheets The vessels are connected by two pipe lines of 2 ½ “ & 2” to another vessel The vessels are placed at 3 m. apart A centrifugal pump set connected in series with the bottom pipe line to top pipe line to move water The pipe line includes a 2 ½ “ size transparent venturimeter for visualisation growth of the cavitation

2½ “ x 2½” size Centrifugal pump of 5 H.P. capacity with switch & starter

Venturimeter 2½” size with 2 G.M. valves to measure the discharge & to determine the velocity

1 m height double column differential manometer (without Mercury)

Pressure gauges are mounted on the both vessels

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